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Why not get orders and gig impressions down


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Hi, There,

A lot of love for all from me. I have joined 25 days ago.

I have sent 106 buyer requests but no response.

Is it the main reason that my profile is very new and no reviews no ratings?

Anybody can check all of my gigs and suggest to me some tips?

Please Check my Profile and Correct me: fiverr.com/alamin_pro52

I have sent 106 buyer requests but no response.

Try to send some effective buyer requests not plenty of requests. Follow this -

Hi Guys, Hope you’re doing great. Thanks for your appreciation in my recent article. Today i 'll give you some Tips How to write Winning Buyer Request. How to write an Offer-Template / Proposal Template? Introduce yourself Passionately & Professionally Don’t be so Serious, Try to make it Friendly Be Yourself (No Fake Portfolio) Read the Offer carefully & make a little Research Tips to Communicate Effectively Final Words Don’t use the same template with every Proposal because …
well if you are new seller. its hard to get direct order for first few days, buyer request option can be a great source for you to get some orders ! but as you can see maybe in a single buyer request there are 40/50 people applied before. how can you make your request special to get attention of the buyer, and how can you get 3 to 4 orders minimum from buyer request thats the question well i would suggest you some tips to apply, as i was doing this for long time (i dont send buyer request anymo…
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