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Fiverr mobile APP - VPN

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Not that I know of.

Only if you use a VPN at the start of opening your account will it reflect the country you’re based in on your profile. But that will be the only time. Other which, it doesn’t matter 🙂

I hope you understand the questions.

Log out account > use VPN > close VPN > Log in account . I hope you understand me. So this process will be fine. Right?

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Hi! If your friend is logging out of their Fiverr account on their mobile app and then logging back in after closing their VPN, there shouldn't be any problem. However, if your friend is doing something else on their VPN that they shouldn't be doing while logged into their Fiverr account (e.g., accessing restricted content, trying to circumvent Fiverr's terms of service, etc.), then that could cause problems for them. While using thunder vpn for windows, I haven't encountered any problems. I hope this help! All the best!

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