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How to get your account rank again


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I’m working on fiverr from July 2020 and completed 4 orders with 5 star rating but in Oct 2020 my all gigs suddenly derank after completing order and it stills derank. I have updated my top gig from which I got orders and aslo created new gigs but nothing happens. What should I do now to rank my account/gig again?

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Hi there,

I contacted the support regarding the gig ranking issue where all the good sellers with good ratings are pushed back to last page without any reason. The support agent answered to that question clearly so now we shouldnt be arguing over it.

My question to CS:


So you are saying that gigs on first pages are being pushed back to give new sellers a chance to come up? Am i correct?

I posted the part of my question of my inquiry, as rest had my other questions. To this the su…


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