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How can some one promice thousands of followers etc?


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Hay, thanks for being honest and you do it the right way! I work retail and that sounds like an online version of ticket switching or luggage stuffing(worked once at macys and yes some one almost got away with thousands after “buying” the luggage! I just don’t think like that!

thanks again!

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Guest zulualpha

I steer clear of anything that promises the world for 5 bucks. The gigs offering thousands of twitter and facebook followers and fans without any admin access needed are all offering fake users. Many of the people buying these gigs know the users are fake, and they just buy them to make their page look more popular than it really is. While it’s nice to have a page that looks popular, in my book it’s much too risky to do for anything that’s actually important.

Facebook recently purged millions of fake accounts from the site and lots of fan pages saw their fan count drop by thousands over the course of a few days. It became pretty obvious who actually had real fans and who had nothing but fake fans. Twitter frequently purges fake accounts from their system as well, so most of these fake likes and followers are temporary and could vanish at any moment.

Natural followers are always the way to go - they actually interact and buy things from you. Fake users do nothing and there are lots of us who can tell when pages have nothing but fake users. 25,000 fans or followers and NO interactions? Yep. If we can tell, so can Google.

When it comes to backlinks, it’s the same deal - there are some great backlink gigs on fiverr, but if you’re trying to do SEO for a site that you really care about, nice and slow is the way to go. 10 links a day looks natural. 50 links a day might look natural. 100,000 backlinks in a single day? Nope.

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