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Someone help me get a job at Fiber

Guest dipu1234567

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Guest dipu1234567

I opened an account on Fiber 20 days ago. But so far no work has been found. Someone help me get my first job. I will be forever grateful to anyone who will help me. Someone help me please
**My GIG LINK:**

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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will do facebook marketing, any USA company
In the gig description:
Maybe reword “Create costume image and video.”.
Maybe reword “Post and shear Facebook group”
Maybe reword “Good costumer services” (a costumer is someone who makes costumes/clothes).
Maybe reword “Wetting for your massage”
Maybe reword “You will best result for me.”

In all 3 package descriptions “I promote your biasness” could be reworded. Maybe check the spelling in the main gig image too.

Gig: I will do data entry, web research, copy past, data mining expert
In the gig title:
Maybe reword “copy past,”

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