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Last week I wrote to all of you that I am very disappointed with the results I received from my first job with freelancer in Fiverr since I sent him a request where I offered two options for a solution and asked him to call me back with his answer tell the end of the 21/11st and because he did not return to me I filled out my satisfaction from his job with a very negative marking and send it to FIVERR, My question is did this move guarantee that Fiverr company’s handling of my problem? if so did I be notified by Fiverr? Or should I do more things to try to get my money back? please remember that this is my first job with any freelancer and I don’t know the procedures at all
I also know that there are 14 days to request the company’s intervention for a refund so that why I asking for help as urgent as possible.
Thanks all Golan

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