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Bereavement meant cancelling orders and a lower rating


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So I used to have this gig a couple of years ago where I paint line drawings for the buyer. It was going fantastically and I made enough money for a new pair of speakers. Good reviews and responses every time from the buyer. A great start! Then a huge bereavement struck me and my family, and I was unable to continue with most aspects of my life for a long time, including my gig on fiverr. This meant cancelling a ton of orders and of course receiving negative feedback. At the time negative feedback on fiverr was the least of my worries.

I’m now at a point in my life where I’m ready to continue with my gig. I understand how the rating and review system works and what the point of it is, however am I destined to carry the burden of these cancellations all through my fiverr career for something that wasn’t entirely my fault? I believe it’s affecting the number of orders I’m getting. (Not a single one yet) Also will it hinder my progress to becoming a level 1 seller?

I understand cancelling the orders was on the whole a bad move, and I’m not trying to say that that wasn’t my fault. However it still doesn’t seem fair. I’ve considered creating a new account but that seems terribly dishonest.

Is there anything anyone (myself included) could do to help with this situation or is it just tough luck?

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I do agree with Joe! 65% rating, 35% cancelation ration and only 2% world domination is something that won’t take you too far.I can understand it’s not all your fault but let’s suppose you delete this account and create a new one from scratch…

You’ll be able to have 0% cancelation ration, the world domination will increase as you expand your clientele and with only 1 positive review you’ll get a 100% rating!

Don’t hesitate, do it! At first you’ll only need a couple of reviews to get you rolling but you won’t regret it eventually!

Best of Luck


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