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Never give up, no surrender


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What’s up guys? Hope everything is going well. Today I am going to share my 1 year fiverr experience.

I started freelancing in fiverr sep 2019. After two months hard struggle I got my first order and very good review with fiver star. Then continuously getting order average one a week. As beginner is not a bad average. Soon I Completed the requirement of lv1 and got lv1 badge.

But I was unware about the value of the badge as there was no freelance at my zone. I also have no idea that fiverr have a large community like forum. So when I searched for what is actual advantage of leveling not basic like 10 active gig or unlimited buyer req found. The someone tell that you can increase your gig price after getting level. Without thinking I increase the gig price like 5usd to 10 10 USD was 20 Like that.(I wished not to do that).

After doing this unprofessional behavior believe me guyz not only order also not get any single message from any buyer. My gig ranks suddenly disappear. After a month got an order and unfortunately it was canceled and my order completion geos 0% means N/A.

It was the hardest time of my life. As an student of computer science I was not hurry to income. I started freelancing not just income also getting experience. I lost my level lost everything. the horrible impression and click. even 1 or 2 click of my gigs every week. Almost 4 month my account was zero in message. I was hopeless and darkness of my eyes. I thought freelancing is over for me I am not suitable for this sector. I was that level hopeless that stop sending buyer request.

It passed 6 months without complete a single order. Then I have found a seller profile and notice 10 cancelation with 1 star. I don’t probably buyer could give start after canceling order but not now. He is now top level seller. I got bit motivated and redesign my profile with smart profile, gig thumbnails with video and well description as pure as I can. After a week I got a message was newly buyer and ordered me a static website. I got hope and complete the work with my full focus the buyer was too pleased to give tips. It was hard to get tips from a full new buyer. However I got confident and continuously sending buyer req. In last 15 days I have completed 10 orders with all fiver star and regain my Badge. If I didn’t do the mistake I would be a lv2 seller today.
It will be my request and also tips to new seller. If you want to change anything advance to your profile make sure to get some advice from senior seller or the forum is always available to help. And never lost hope. WHERE THERE’S A WILL THERE’S A WAY. Thanks to read the blog.

fiverr achievment516×625 49.9 KB
Happy Freelancing.
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