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Just joined and nothing


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Welcome to the forums!

From one seller to another, it took me ~3 months before I hooked my first order, but more like ~5 before I started to see growth and have a steady stream of clientele (and this was even after I completely changed my gigs). So don’t fret! Keep a tab on your impressions, and if you’re not getting much interest, try and see what you can offer that is different from your competition. Also make use of every gig slot you have available to you: more gigs, more traction. Though, quality over quantity always prevails, so make sure what you’re offering stacks up against the competition as I mentioned.

Buyer requests can also be a useful tool, so I would check those when possible. I’ve only snagged 3 orders from there, but you never know what might happen until you try. In any case, I wish you luck!

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