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  1. it happens to everyone. Sometimes I go one month and no orders.
  2. Sometimes messages get stuck in the spam folder, increasing response time and rate.
  3. It took me almost 6 months for my first order!!
  4. Unlike the other thread, this one is the gift that keeps on giving!
  5. “Awesome job” The above is what the buyer’s 3.3 review said. I have sympathy for the seller. Happened to me. “Everything was good” the review said. 3 stars. Oh well.
  6. Those are different things and are not taken very lightly I might add.
  7. Yep… I mean, it seems like he went to TOS page and checked off every rule he could break. He hit 3 birds with one stone! Wonder if they have a badge for that here? Oh well… gonna be a harsh learning experience.
  8. WHAT? That’s a MAJOR TOS breach. You’re lucky you didn’t get banned. Wtf were you thinking lol This thread is just one long headache at this point lol
  9. Customer service, quality and patience are the best for fiverr
  10. it took me 6 months to get my first order!
  11. Very interesting! New Fiverr segments!
  12. it says you earned 68 in the second picture, i dont see where it says 36… Edit: just saw it. @mariashtelle1 is correct.
  13. Fiverr takes 20% of the order. 20% of 85 is 17. 85 - 17=68 Based on this math, you should earn 68 and you did. So math checks out.
  14. If you delivered on time, it will be marked complete in 3 days
  15. THe best way I saw that reduced response time is answering faster
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