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Kindly give mebyour suggestion for my account


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How are you all? I’m here to share a problem and also need your advice. At may I opened my fiverr account for the first time. I didn’t have any certificate that time. I knew data entry work, so i used that skill of min to get work. And beside that i started doing other courses. But 4 month passed, i didn’t get a single work and unfortunately due to late response my response rate became very bad. Then i decided to delete my account. i changed my email and deleted my account. I changed that email because that was my main email, which were in every social site.
This month I again open a new account with this that email. But couldn’t connect my social sites. I googled the reason and get to know that as those were linked up to my previous account, i can’t add them.
I’m in a big trouble right now. Please help me. What should i do?

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