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My first cancel order


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Hey there, never really posted on here so im just going to go with the flow.

Im a video editor here on fiverr, but i do have 1 gig where my model friend makes a customer review video and thats it.

Yesterday i have gotten an order from a Fiverr VIP, mind you on most/all of my gigs i always ask that they message me first so i can make sure we are on the same page, but this one didnt. When the new order came in from my editing gig, the buyer only added their logo in the requirements, when i clearly state to add the video they want me to edit.

At first, i was confused thinking that they will send me the video later on, but nothing. so i messaged them thanking them for the order and asked where the video is, to my surprise they wanted me to film and edit their logo onto the video. I then immediately told him that he had ordered the wrong gig, and i have linked him to my other gig where i offer this service and asked him if he would like to cancel the order so he can later buy the correct one. He said okay that he will accept it then order from the correct one.

Later on i have sent him a cancel request because HE ordered the wrong gig, now fiverr is taking away 24$ and said that my gig will be shown less around the website. I just dont understand why i will be badly affected by this when it was not my fault to begin with. He was the one that did not read my description and did not reach out. Please tell me there is a way i can recover for any looses of this.
This was my first ever bad experience on the website please do help.

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