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Gig's impression is now only 4


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Gig’s impression is now only 4

It is very difficult to accept

I’m a Level one Seller, I have always maintained a 5 star rating, everything is 100%. But my all gigs moved to the last page almost two months without any offense.

If I create a new gig, new gig will automatically jump to the last page as well. Starting with gig marketing, I tried almost every level to get my gigs back in search, but nothing worked.

In these 2 months I have not received any new client messages and orders.

I am very worried about this problem because my livelihood fully depends on fiverr.

I really need a solution,

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Hi, mrittika_24hr ! I went to your gigs, and they look great 💝! Your gig descriptions have alot of information about what services you can provide, but is there a way to better differentiate one of your gigs so that its services stand out from the competition? I don’t have alot of experience purchasing from sellers who specialize in your field, but maybe add more photos, or can you include a presentation in PDF form that shows how your services can help a brand?

Hope you get more orders soon!! From the reviews you have, you are competent and do solid work!

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It is showing that you have earned $$ before 3 weeks ago on your profile.
You started your fiverr journey on AUGUST 2020, That’s mean you are almost NEWBIE on fiverr. How can you say that you don’t get jobs where you have earned 3 weeks ago.
Thus to me, your gig image is not that much eye-catching, Thus you didn’t add any video on your GIG. Please make your GIG more eye-catching and SEO friendly using proper TAGS, TITLES… So that you will get more IMPRESSIONS & CLICKS.

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