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Gig economy for up to $500


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Gig Economy plan, where is it now?


It was suppose to come up with Version 2 but now even version 2 is getting old.

Being a seller i am really waiting for this big change, when to expect? will it happen, will this effect the concept of Fiverr is this the reason that it not yet launched?

Not sure if it is already active i didn’t find a single gig with this feature.

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i think you didn’t read the article

"Originally on Fiverr, if sellers wanted to charge more than $5 for services, they needed to ask buyers to purchase multiple orders, or purchase add-on extras. Now, Fiverr enables prices up to $500 for services that are definitely moving up the ladder in categories like branding and animation that could benefit from more work than even very inexpensive hires could previously offer for $5."

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