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How to optimize your Gig Images to improve sales


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When it comes to improving sales, there has been a lot of great tips written for sellers: shorter titles, social media, promo video, tags.<br>

Today I want to talk about something else that seems to do wonders to your gig, and it's actually pretty simple.


For this, you don't need to make a Three-Letter-Title, be famouse in Facebook-Twitter-Tumblr or create an exciting Promo-Video of yourself shouting out your services.


First of all, please take a look at the following image.




As you can see in the composition I put together, every image is dull and boring. Not one image invites you to visit the gig. You don't really need to be an art-critic to realize this, you just need to be an ordinary buyer.


Now, what about this image?




You probably recognize this instantly. The famous Campbell Soup. This design has changed very little since the year 1900. This is not because they don't want to hire new designers, it's because IT WORKS.


If you analize it's design, you'll immediately notice three things and this is what I want to point out:


1) Big font, easily readable even in small sizes (thumbnails).


2) Bright and striking colors: in this case, red.


3) Simple but effective composition: I quote Mies, "Less is more".


This said, why don't we apply this to our gig images?


Take a look at the following image, which gig would you visit?




As you can see, the middle image immediately stands out. It has bright colors, big readable text and a simple but effective composition. Which one would you choose?


So, it's not only about your title, your social media advertising, your promo-video or your banner. Your objective is convert your impressions into real visits first, and only then think about converting your visits into sales.


Once the buyer enters your gig, you can also take advantage of your images to promote your service.


Take a look at the following image:




As you can see, a lot of what's written in the Gig Description has been summarized in the image. This way, you almost certainly guarantee that the potential buyer is going to read it.


To finish this lesson, I'm attaching a blank Photoshop File .PSD that you can use to create your new images. If you stay inside the Guides and use a large font then you can be sure that it will be readable even in the small search-thumbnails.




1) Big font, easily readable even in small sizes (thumbnails).


2) Bright and striking colors: in this case, red.


3) Simple but effective composition: I quote Mies, "Less is more".


Thank you for reading and Happy Selling!


Eric :)


P.D. My gigs:


- 20th Fox Century Intro: http://www.fiverr.com/ericrubinoff/do-the-best-20th-century-fox-animation


- Highest Quality 3D Model: http://www.fiverr.com/ericrubinoff/create-the-highest-quality-3d-model


- Aerial Banner: http://www.fiverr.com/ericrubinoff/hang-your-message-from-my-plane

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