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What is Reddit Upvotes and What is Points

Guest nirudnj

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Guest nirudnj

Hello all,

Hope you are well.

Yesterday one buyer misrated me. He said '‘did not deliver 10 reddit votes. my post only has 8 votes right now’'

Actually what is happened:

I gave him 10 reddit upvotes and other reddit users gave him 3 upvotes. Total he got 13 upvotes. So his point was 13. But at that time 5 reddit users gave him 5 downvotes and he got ‘-5’ point. So his net points became (13-5)=8. But he said that I have gave him 8 votes!

How I am harmed:

It was my express gig. Due to his negative rating now it is not! Now I can not use buyer request tab. Obviously negative rating has a bad impression on seller.

Thanks to all.

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