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It is said that life can be unfair but the same does not have to be true here


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When it comes to providing services to customers, there is a code that says, ‘‘the customer is always right.’’ But figuratively speaking if I was in court defending my own right I would be a Lawyer blurting out objection. In this atmosphere the the buyers are strongly protected and they being aware of this can be very abusive at times. There are instances when they want way more than they are willing to pay for. I know this is Fiverr but come a little discretion can be exercised at times. Another thing is buyers boycotting your instructions and ordering a gig that you do not offer and demand that you do it. When your trying to excel there are unscrupulous persons who deliberately will go out of their way to pull you down.

So to conclude I am sincerely asking the powers that be to provide some protection for the sellers too, thank you.

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