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"Critical Problem" I Love Fiverr Too Much Because I Get More Then 25 Order within 2 week but NOW


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Hi Friends,

I really don’t know much about fiverr but it’s really good for me because i get more then 25 order within 2 week(I am getting one or two order per days frequently) but my problem is that from last 10 days i didn’t get any order i don’t know why this happened.

May anyone tell me why i didn’t get order from last 10 days?

My Profile - www.fiverr.com/ankitvish

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Guest onecreativegeek

My #1 issue when looking at your page is PROOF!! Show me how your going to post my link to 4.5 million facebook group members. Secondly…images. Think about that first image that someone sees…make it POP! There are TONS of designers around here that can help! You only have a second for someone to glace at your gigs and either stay or leave. Fiverr always says add video…so maybe you making a quick video showing how your going to do the things you say would be really a nice touch.

Finally (and this happened to me)…I started off strong after creating some gigs (your always higher in search at first), then I fell off for awhile before coming back stronger then ever. After doing 15 orders in less then two weeks I fell off to no order for 10 days. I kept doing what I was doing and in the last week have completed 35 orders.

Just keep at it and maybe consider looking to improve on images and possibly add videos!

Just my 2 cents…

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