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Gigs problem since 15 days


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I don’t understand whats going on with my gigs , i cant see any of my gig on any page in search results , but when i see status , they say its active, when i apply online filter , they show up , when i search with username , they are displayed , when i search with gig title then also displayed , but when i search with service name then they are not displayed, the problem is since last couple of weeks , my gigs were in top 5 gigs on 1st page and now its not being displayed, my rating is 5 , also i am a level 2 seller , i was receiving about 7 to 10 orders daily but now, no orders since 15 days , zero impressions , zero clicks , zero views , everything just destroyed .i have 4 active gigs and i have not edited them ,the problem started after few days of when i received a notification from fiverr that my gig’s category ha s been shifted to another one automatically from fiverr, but same was done with the gigs of other people and they are still on the 1st page and receiving bulk orders, i don’t understand whats going on and when will it be solved , do i need to update some changes in gigs? what do i need to get the issue resolved , i have also contacted CS but the said gigs are active and that’s it . i can;y see them on any pages i have searched many times and scrolled each page. Please guide me .

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