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How to embed a gig into my website


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Hi, You can’t embed your gig on your website. But you can embed your profile on your website. One thing I can suggest to you create a custom offer for the gig you want to embed. Then embed that custom offer on your site.

Thank you for the information.

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On 2/2/2022 at 5:18 AM, emerson_c_smith said:

^ also left wondering how to embed my profile


On 11/18/2020 at 11:02 PM, createwebsites1 said:

So, how do I embed my profile, then?


On 7/22/2020 at 3:27 PM, gtazcom said:

Thank you for the information.


1 minute ago, hafizweb812 said:

Go to Top Bar Menu Growth & Marketing => Scale Your Business   => COPY TO CLIPBOARD


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Great tips for embedding. Thank you!

But a badge is not really a profile embed. It's too minimalistic. 

Also, for some reason Fiverr is using an image in the banner badge that I did not upload anywhere on Fiverr (not my profile pic, not my gig pic). Text cannot be changed. The badge itself lacks useful information. It has zero information that would inspire anyone to click on the badge / banner. It says "Seller" and "check out my gig". How is anyone supposed to know what I am offering? This solution is half-baked and too minimalist to the point of being utterly useless. 

What would be awesome, is if we could create an iframe embed of the actual profile with all the gig badges / blurbs / cards on it. That would be helpful.

Is anyone actually using the minimalist badge that Fiverr is offering now? Surprise me please...

Fiverr developers should check out other social sites to see how to embed information. Good examples are "Spotify", who offer both link and player embeds which are top notch and easy to use or twitter and the like. The current badge looks a bit like a failed copy of their affiliate solution. 

To get serious we need: 
1.) Full profile iframe (with all gigs) - This is important for freelancers to showcase their gigs on the website
2.) Embed of single gigs.
3.) Enquiry form embed linked to Fiverr (maybe). 

Also, why cobble together an unfortunate looking badge with irrelvant information, if you can simply embed the gig cards which we spend hours creating and optimizing already anyway?

I love the Fiverr system 95%, but things like gig or profile sharing, as well as the seller dashboard UX need serious overhaul and improvement. The seller dashboard in general feels more like a buyer dashboard (one example, when I click on a client Fiverrname link, I am taken to their reviews. As a seller I need the Fiverr name URL to link to the message thread. I look at reviews once a month but need the message section many times daily). 

Anyway, just some ideas. 


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