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Seller profile and gig disappeared


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Hi everyone,

I am new to Fiverr. Today I have contacted a level 1 seller, we have discussed job details and agreed on a price. I was in a rush to go to work so I asked the seller to send through the offer and I will make the payment after my shift. I just came home from work and checked my inbox, in our conversation I see an active offer sent from the seller but there is this Fiverr message saying that the seller is no longer available. I went to search the gig and seller’s profile but both pages are no longer available and cannot be found. When I was checking the seller’s profile before initial contact, I have noticed there are 3 jobs in queue for this seller, the last order was a day ago and the comments are all positive.

Much appreciate if anyone can provide an insight into what happened there, does that mean the seller was a fake and trying to fault me? I really needed the work to be done and after comparing a few, this seller seemed to be offering best suited for what I need. Should I just move on or would this just a complication? Also, how should I avoid this situation in the future?


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