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Offering a Deal


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This past week, I tried something new with one of my more popular gigs. Using highlighted text in my Gig Description, I offered buyers a bonus if they placed an Extra Fast order (thru February 28 only). My thinking was that people like instant gratification. However, paying $5 more for 24 hour delivery might be a bit much for a gig that is delivered in 48 hours or less anyway. This deal offered buyers an opportunity to get their instant gratification as well as some freebies on the original order.

I normally get about 1 or 2 Extra Fast orders per week. In the past 5 days alone, I’ve received at least 10 Extra Fast orders. Yes, it puts me under the gun to deliver more in less time but I’m chalking this one up as a big success!

I don’t plan on running specials like this often as I don’t want potential buyers to expect or wait for them. however, this was a very productive experiment for me. I recommend it!

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