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Just reached Level One Seller in 25 days


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I’ve been a buyer on this platform for years, but I just started selling recently and I’m just happy about achieving Level one and wanted to share it (even though it’s way lower than my off platform earnings, it still feels great!). There’s something about completing orders with a perfect rating and making people happy that is often missing from real life projects. Maybe it’s the feeling of validation and gamification that gives you a dopamine rush.

Anyway, what’s been your experience on the platform after becoming a Level one seller? I tend to get a lot of messages from people supposedly from the US with really broken English and South Asian names trying to outsource/arbitrage their work for $10-15. Does this ever stop? Also, how do you increase the number of orders? I will definitely reach the amount goal to Level 2 long before I reach 50 orders.

Minus these occasional messages and the odd low-baller, most clients have been great-paying above my highest gig rates, some even tipping consistently and becoming repeat clients.

I hope you’ll have similar (or even better) success on the platform and keep rising the ranks!

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