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Understanding the point of offering commercial and/or full broadcast rights separately


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Hi! I’ve opened a gig in the voiceover category, and I see curious options.

Commercial and full broadcast rights are offered as options only. But I don’t get the point. Unless Fiverr automatically “fingerprint” our voices for “automatic inspectors” in broadcast systems like ContentID on YouTube (I know they don’t), how we could control that? I mean: do other sellers expect that buyers won’t use it for profit if they don’t pay the rights? We are in 2020 and, without “automatic inspectors” on the Internet that’s, practically, impossible, right? Only on YouTube there are 500 hours of uploading videos per minute, according to what the CEO said a time ago.

I understand that most buyers will “relax” with this then. I understand that, but I don’t know why we sellers can’t set the commercial and full broadcast rights by default.

Please let me know your thoughts about this. Thanks!

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