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My success in freelancing: My Fiverr Journey


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Well, thank you for giving me a little bit of your time! I just wanted to share my story on Fiverr, how I began and how I reached my level. Hopefully, you’d be inspired too!

How I started my Online Journey.

It was 2017 when I first know about freelancing from my brother. He helped me to know more about this. I learned all by myself from google, youtube, and reading blogs of world top class SEO Expert.

I spend a lot of time and patiently acquire SEO skills and create a blog site for my practice. Day after day I upgrade my skills and work on different keywords. At one time I was successful in ranking Keyword and Google Adsense. Then I started working on amazon affiliate. I never stopped. Almost every day I try to learn something new. Thus, one time when I started to succeed in all my work, I started working as a freelancer on Fiverr and help to build the site for my clients and to help them with various tasks and was able to achieve their 100% satisfaction.

Now I provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Mobile Responsive (mobile-friendly) design, Site Speed Optimization, Security, Website Support/Maintenance, Content Management and Social Media services, and Email Marketing services.

As a professional web developer since 2017, I have great expertise in WordPress.I pride myself in first-class customer support, timely responses, and communicating with the heart of a teacher. As owner and lead developer of a web design company bearing my own name, I personally stand behind my work.I am proficient in HTML, CSS, and Photoshop. I work mainly with WordPress, as it provides a simple platform for easy content management and lower ongoing costs for the client. I adhere to the philosophy that ” work hard and gain more”. and now I am a level 2 seller in Fiverr.

From November 2017, I am working for one of my Client (USA) as a permanent basis where I must manage all kinds of SEO, Social Media Marketing, WordPress site design, and Email Marketing related tasks.

I’m far from all the other success stories that I’ve read where they’ve earned 10k and above but I’m going there. And you will too, don’t lose hope!

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