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  1. Our net is Very slow because tower have not electricity. And also mobile charge now low bettry.
  2. It almost 17 hours our City Didn’t have electricity because last day fire goes on plant and destory everything in there.so this reason i didnt come online. I have worry about losing gig rank position.and also we have not sure which day electricity comes. 😔
  3. You are able to submit only 3 picture, 2pdf,1 video.
  4. Welcome to fiverr. There is no specific time to get order. You need keep patience and active as much as you can
  5. If you complete many order in upwork then you need to spend many time in there. Foucs there.
  6. Can you tell me how is possible active 24hours.?are you not sleep?
  7. You can contract CS. They will help u
  8. Welcome to fiverr community. Best of luck. Best wish for u
  9. Create gig with low compition key word. And poper seo. Try tuh add video. Its increase your gig rank.create gig image attractive. Use tag poperly.
  10. Your read time only 8m.you need to be keep patience. And active as much as you can. Send buyer request
  11. Welcome to fiverr community. Best wishes for u to get order quickly
  12. I already seen your post about this matter. Then why again? There forum go gig category and search now. You can be find many post about this matter
  13. Why you can’t tell him here about brief information?
  14. You need to keep patience.because there are lots of sellers who have got their order after 3/4/5/6 month later.
  15. You need keep patience. THERE are lot of seller, they did get order 2/3;4/5 month later. Keep moving and struggle
  16. I think maybe you can’t change your username
  17. 😔 hope and wishes for you to get order
  18. @mhc_rafe you can check this SCREEN shot . Then you realize.
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