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Is this a bug? Fiverr CS still get back to us with template replies


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All of my gigs are nowhere to be found in search. Yes, all of them.

To check the issue, I made some new gigs and got orders from my regular clients and they are also not in search.

Even if I type full title of my gigs, they doesn’t appear in search.

It happened 2 months ago and after that, I have completed like 60-70 orders of my regular clients with 5 star reviews. Yes, all of them were rated 5 star.

Haven’t received a message from someone in last 60+ days.

When I talk to Fiverr, they say, you are in search just improve your quality and all that. All those template replies.

On the other hand, people with no reviews or 1-2 reviews are ranked on my gig title. I have 620+ reviews on my gig and regular clients are ordering regularly.

Can anybody help?

Note: I can only find my gig on last page using filters i.e. online sellers, local sellers, level 2 sellers, and my title.

Even after applying filters, they are on last page. There’s no way it’s about quality coz I have completed dozens of orders in last 60 days.

Is this a bug?

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