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Excited to join this new family

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Hey Everyone!

I have joined fiverr today and am really excited about it. It is the same feeling which I got when I joined Quora 5 years ago. I was new to that community at that time and gradually became more familiar with the site and contributed with 1000+ answers that got 7 million views and earned me 13.5 K connections there.

By Profession, I am a Senior Project Management Consultant with 9 years of work experience. I have worked on Mega Projects of national Importance. 3 of my projects have been inaugurated by an Indian Prime Minister while 2 of my projects have featured in Guinness Book of World Records. My expertise lies in Project Management, Procurement, Tendering, Contract Management, Vendor Management, etc.

I am passionate about Project Management, problem solving and virtual working. I spearheaded a project to get a poetry book published with collective effort of 47 amateur poets collaborated with each other in the virtual space and never met each other before the book launch in May,17.

I have been featured in reputed national and international publications. The Advertising Watchdog in India, ASCI honored me as "ASCI Ambassador for my contributions in their mission of identifying and removing misleading advertisements.

Eagerly Look forward to hear from other family members to feel more comfortable here…

My fiverr account- https://www.fiverr.com/rohansinha03?up_rollout=true

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