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I haven't received an order in the last two weeks


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Hi, Good Morning!

My name is Umair Shaikh from Pakistan, I have been working on fiverr since Jan 2020 and offers a Video Editing and 2D Animation Services.

My issue is I haven’t received an order for a few days while some of my gigs are also ranking on the first page, I tried everything but the order is not coming, I want to know what could be the reason?
Is there something wrong with my work or is it something else?

The other thing is my IMPRESSIONS, CLICKS and VIEWS haven’t been working at all for a few days now and it says “Not Available”.

Please help me with your valuable feedback

Thank you 🙂

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Your impressions, clicks and views not showing, most if not all Fiver Sellers are experiencing the same issue which I believe Fiverr is in the know of it, since your Gig have been ranking on first page, hang on the orders will soon start rolling in. You can also check Top sellers profile on the first page in your category to yours to be sure your Gig is well set up.

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