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Want to try again after 6 years, this time with introductions


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So, I tried and failed to get my fiverr off the ground over half a decade ago (December 2014 to be precise) and it was mostly due to me getting fresh out of college with a english/writing degree. I’ve tried and failed a lot of writing gigs lately, and finally found a sort of niche in Discord but I want to try here again for a foothold. I’ve told myself that freelancing wasn’t my thing, but that’s because I didn’t do a good enough job, and technically I DID find freelance work in an unexpected source.

My username is Kishou, my passion is writing and I tried setting up a small gig writing short stories for a few bucks. Never got replies, and I think I eventually stopped coming here due to trying and failing to find work in other places, to the point I forgot I had this one. Hope I can start over with setting up some connections. Hello, everyone.

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