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Is there anything I need to change?


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Hi, I’ve been a seller for 3 days with 4 gigs and have no sales as of yet. I’d appreciate if some of you looked at my gigs to see if something is wrong with them, or I’m just not big enough/not enough demand so I just have to wait?

Note: yes, I have looked at similar posts asking about getting first orders and many people got their first order in a couple of days

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Hello @dmnt06 first of all, you need patience on the beginning. It is up to skills, niche and luck if someone get order for few days or 10 days.
If you have a lot experience in your work filed, you don’t need to worry about your future on Fiverr.

I have few advice - You profile title have this title " I’m just starting out on Fiverr but quite experienced in editing" If I don’t use to read closer your profile, I don’t know what you Edit, right?

Then your profile description, you put that you have access to different Video editors, and that is good. But, you didn’t write about your skills, your knowledge, past experience. Does it mean, if I buy access to same VIdeo Editors, I will have skills like you, well not, right? 🙂

And about GIGs, I can’t agree what @guymastrion said. Your GIG ideas are fine, but your GIG description are not good. You have only 2 or 3 sentence per GIG. Take time and write what you can do per GIG, what client can receive, how that could be good for client… You need to attract buyers to buy your GIG.
Important, you need to work a little on SEO for your gigs, too.

And maybe to make few more video examples, which will show potential client what you could do.

After that, do Skill tests related to your knowledge, make share on Social media and send Buyer Requests daily

Read, learn and work HARD, then you will get order for sure! 🙂

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