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Hello, having a high amount of impressions sometimes means nothing.
If you would want to get clicks and orders then you should not ask people to click on your links, that shows professionalism and especially begging. This topic is all about asking others to check out your GIG and criticizing it, if you yourself do not care about others criticism i would recommend to share your thread at “My Fiverr GIG”, since that is the place to advertise your remotely new gig.

As i said in most cases impressions are useless, the most important things are your ratios, for example if you have 30 impressions and out of those 30 you got 20 views and around 17 clicks. If you have a really specific Gig then having a lot of impressions is unusual but you will be guaranteed for orders.
Please do not ask others to click on your Gig to feel a bit better the other day, since any clicks from this forum will not result in an order, especially this topic.

-Have a good day , work with your Gig since it needs a lot of work and know that as a new seller you wont have purchases everyday but you should deserve any attention. 🙂

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