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  1. Your Gigs surely do attract a lot of weird people and extremely weird requests.
  2. I am really happy when I see that I am helping new people
  3. Saying that, it is funny, but you should look at some more serious buyer requests 🙂
  4. Hmm, i was wondering how does everybody here write their buyer requests? Like let’s say templates or the way you generally write them to maximize what you are saying in the shortest amount of words.
  5. You have been waiting too much! Step up your game and change the way you do things. If you have yet to get any orders in the past 50 days then it means that something is wrong with your Gig. To change that you should make your Gig look better and use the right keywords for your job. Do buyer requests in the right way and don’t try to copy and paste everything. If you want to be successful then you should not wait for the moment, but catch it by its feet. Some helpful topics to better improve your Gigs and chances of getting chosen on buyer requests https://forum.fiverr.com/t/tips-on-buyer-requests-as-a-new-seller/443006/44 https://forum.fiverr.com/t/bulb-guide-get-your-first-order
  6. Due to a bug, impressions, clicks and views were stuck for a few days without changes. Thankfully though the Fiverr team is fixing this issue and as you can see by the blue text on top of every post it will be done by saturday You can find more information by reading the topic below:
  7. Please stop making me try to laugh this hard. My stomach hurts because of you now. :rofl:
  8. If you are saying that you are working hard, then in this case you are lying. Part of being a hard worker is being patient and being able to catch the moment. If you yourself think that starting out in Fiverr is easy, then you are right, but not in the way you think. Being successful on Fiverr doesn’t just mean “Hey I will create a gig and get rich fast”. No, no and no. Being successful on Fiverr takes a lot of time, and if you don’t got the time needed, then you should invest on catching the moment. The best way to do that is by working harder, making tweaks to your gig, make it stand out, give proof of your work, make people believe that you will meet their expectations. Thinking that it is easy to start out is really just a misconception that you see from influences with thousands willing to help them make a single thing. As a new person on Fiverr you should aspire to be the best, but you should also work for that. I can tell you that most professionals and Pro sellers have years of experience and had the same start as everyone, they were either more patient or made mistakes and learned from them. My biggest tip to any post like this would be to not just come into the forums and create a thread hoping for some magical things to happen. Nothing will change if you don’t invest your time into this platform. Since you are now a member of the fiverr forums I’d suggest you to drop some of your hours and read as much as you can on how to improve and not only get your first order, but be among some of the top sellers. The thing that triggers me the most on these types of posts has nothing to do with who is writing them, but more or less the number of the same repetitive posts with the same titles and in the end with the same conclusion. I’d really love if new people would not just come here and make a single post about something they will most likely get no results of, but rather read, read and read until you know how to do stuff yourself without the help of others. -Have a good day Marin
  9. Usually for every 10 buyer requests i do i get 2-4 people to message me back. You need to be careful while accepting offers though, i usually try to not make mistakes while accepting orders, but recently i found a bad apple which completely ruined my chances of doing anymore buying request. Though i still have around 9 more people who want to buy my services and 1 ongoing Gig. It is kind of hard to get seen by Requesters, but if you do a great job at convincing then you will be able to get accepted a lot more times.
  10. Tackling a buyer request and making them feel like you carefully saw what they wrote is really important. Having a general template has the same importance. When you are trying to get accepted on a buyer request you generally want to be one of the first ones, but also someone who actually impresses the Requester. That means having a template is nice, but reading is great too. A general template i used to use a lot was this: Hello, … I would be perfect for the job since ( bla bla bla what they ask ) (then you add your specialties, like what you do, your experiences etc…) Contact me if you would like to buy my services -Have a good day Marin And if possible you could add some of your past work which is similar with what they’re asking for someone to do. Keeping it short at around 100-250 words is really important too since if you are trying to get your job done at maximal efficiency you will generally talk in private messages and not only on buyer requests
  11. Being totally honest the best way to improve your gig is to read tips from the forums, watch videos and try to improve on the work you do. THAT is the best way to improve 🙂
  12. The same thing happens to me the other day. There was this one guy who wanted to really big job for 5$, i felt bad for him and wanted to help him. It was a blog post for an affiliate link with 3500 words for 5$. He was really uncommunicative only logging on to see my messages 30 mins a day. In the end i got a 4.3 star review which is really bad for my job since it is considered a bad review. I’d say if they are the same type of person as my customer you should cancel it and not experience the harsh consequences .
  13. He said that the proof is the no. of followers I get during the promotion period. You should demand for Proof, even if he doesn’t want to give it you should force him to. The thing that bothers me is that when you personally were trying to buy his gig, did you contact with him first? If yes, did you ask for the names he uses on the websites where he will shout you out? Thinking the-rally about it, you should’ve been more careful since even people who sound legit could be lying at you at any time. If he actually shouted you, you could just ask them for the name of the Instagram account and then see if they actually shouted you out. If you don’t see any posts about you then they may have deleted it or haven’t done it at all. When you have that much evidence then you are free to report him and cancel the order and his account will have to pay the consequences for lying about his job.
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