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Hi @hamzaaasayed

To be honest…, your gig is very very bad.

Portfolio descriptions is poor,

Your design thumbnail distorted. (Very bad for designer)

I’m at loss, doesn’t know where to begin with.

I’m sorry being honest, but I don’t think you are being serious here.

Thanks for your very honest review sir… i would love it if you guide me correctly here…

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Hello @hamzaaasayed

I need to agree with @ridwansugi words. You need to work a lot on your Profile and GIGs. I will try to give you few advice…

  1. Profile description - You wrote only about client satisfaction. How client could know what you work and which knowledge you have? Retype description and add more words about your Skills.

  2. Work on Skill test related per your GIGs and your skills.

  3. GIGs images - make it more professional. Take half of day and spend it on Photoshop. You will probably make something nice and eye-catch. Also, try with one Business card for feature image.

  4. SEO - Find the best keywords for your GIG and place it in GIG Title, Description and Tag.

I hope these tasks will help you a little to improve your GIGs and position on Fiverr.


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