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Why am I not getting orders on Fiverr? (Newbie Here)


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You don’t need experienced sellers. You need to read the plethora of advice people have already shared.

At least five times in two days I’ve explained that you can’t get sales if you’re selling something that has like 60,000 competitors. Research your competition before you make a gig. What is the point in me giving advice if the people who need to read it never do? Why do I keep having to give the same advice over and over again?

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What you should follow to increase your sell:

=> Share your gig on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, etc (remember that: don’t post as spam, because if you post continuously on social media sites like as spam, then your account will be suspended. be careful)…

=> Share your gig on Various Blog, Forum, Article sites (so to share your gig on those sites at first you write a good post so that visitors can interest to read your status and include your gig link within that post or article).

=> Chose or find a Good searchable Title for your gig so that it can be easily rank up when someone searches on Fiverr.

=> Write everything that you can do and what your skills in your gig description.

=> Make an attractive gig thumbnail image that will attract clients to buy your gig.

=> Always try to login Fiverr apps or PC so that buyers can easily find who is online now and it will increase the chances to get a sale.

=> And Finally send buyer request daily with an excellent cover letter.

Sharing your gig on social media, blogs and forums does not get sales. Stop spreading false information. If you can’t prove it and don’t understand how it works, don’t say it.

Even if it did, you don’t spam people!!! Do I really need to tell you why spamming is morally wrong and ineffective?

This is why people on Twitter despise Fiverr sellers. Do you want people to despise you? Stop. Please.

Because of horrible advice like yours social media is loaded with Fiverr gig links. Nobody wants them. Respect why people use social and stop spreading false advice.

What do you get out of making this garbage up and telling people to spam? Do you think it makes you look smart?

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