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Does fiverr plan on making cancellations fair for sellers?

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Alright so apparently there is no way for a seller to cancel an order without having his order competition rate go down, which basically hurt the gigs placement in the search results and decrease the volume of orders that much.

So here’s the thing. I see posts on the forum which go like 5 years back and people have been asking Fiverr to make the system fair. If its not seller’s mistake, why is it the seller to take the hit? And yet Fiverr pays no attention to it?

I know this post will go in vain too but I still wanted to post and bring this to Fiverr’s attention again. It is absolutely unfair that I get my order completion rate hurt and my ranking is ruined when I didn’t even do anything wrong.

There’s a guy who placed an order, never gave proper instructions and started the order. I’ve been asking him for instructions for three days and he won’t respond.

What do I do know? Cancel order? And have my rating hurt? I mean wow. How is this system any fair to the sellers?

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