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3D Content creation and best ways to showcase Videos


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Hello everyone!

I am new to fiverr but not new to freelancing but thanks to fiverr’s online tools and I have found the process of creating my gig alot easier!

Just want to get some feedback on my gig in terms of presentation and slickness. My goal is to have a gig thats easy to understand and easy to use which i find very hard to present when you cant meet with anyone normally!

Also, As my gig is video based and I am still waiting on my first order whats the best way to go about putting a video online either on my gig. Or is my best option to wait until I get an order which is a catch 22 when no one knows what the final product looks like aha.



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Why not make a sample? You are permitted 75 second of video (though maybe aim for 74, so as to avoid going over), and you can 3 or 4 music clips in with a variety of music genre.

Thanks for your reply!

Forgot to mention iv added a Video that meets fiverrs requirements but has been pending for a few days. Just says “Processing video” on my gig page.

Maybe I will contact support about this.

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