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Hello from Sketch!

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What a vast and talented community - my goodness!

I’m humbled to be here, and I hope to be able to share my skills with as many people as care to see because I LOVE TO DRAW

I have a quicky concept sketch style I use a lot, which I have up as my first gig. I can adjust my degree of realism like a volume knob, I like to draw from life as much as make a caricature of it, but cartoons are my favorite! I’m thinking of adding a few more gigs of more detailed/refined illustrations, maybe comics or character design - I’ve got to brainstorm those a little more.

I’m pretty darn good in Photoshop, and I use a Cintiq tablet for drawing. Sometimes I miss the old days of traditional materials, so I’ve always got a fine art project going in the background.

Well anyway, hello from Western New York!

<3 Sketch

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