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Fiverr Disabled My Withdrawal Setting For No Good Reason


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Hello, so like a month ago I have made an application for a client of mine (Order #FO815FBE0CE85). I made the delivery then it got auto-completed after 3 days. 14 days after, client messages back to me about a revision he requested. Which was just on text and I didn’t really remember talking about it and he opened up a dispute. I sent the revised work and then he kept asking for more revisions which were not in the job request. Now, I have taken another project and the funds have been cleared but I can’t withdraw my money because it’s disabled till the buyer closes the issue with customer support. How is this a professional approach? What if the buyer is just keeping the issue open for just no reason? Like, am I this valuable to Fiverr? The buyer keeps being responsive even though I sent him the application. I don’t wanna work on Fiverr anymore because of this very unprofessional approach. I demand my funds kept locked in the system.

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