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I would appreciate your honest opinion


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Hello everyone!
It’s being up to a week now since I joined Fiverr once again as a seller. About 5 months ago, I was asked to verify my ID, but I couldn’t because I didn’t have my international passport then. After so many delays, I finally got my passport last week, and my account was verified successfully(I was really excited about that).
Before I went off the platform 5 months ago, I was beginning to get orders on my quiz making gig, and my gig was always at the top of the search page, but turns out that it’s now at, let’s say, close to the bottom of the page.
Before my account was suspended, I wanted to create my article writing gig, but I received the ID verification notification sooner than I expected and that just had to wait. But last week, I successfully created the gig. I’ve been sending offers in the buyer’s request section, but I’ve never gotten any replies.
To cut this whole long story short, I’d just want you guys to go through my article writing, proofreading, and quiz making gigs, and tell me if there’s anything I would still need to change or include. It would be nice if you could also go through my profile too.
Here’s a link to my profile in general https://www.fiverr.com/norman59?up_rollout=true

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