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Tips for new freelancers


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Tips for new freelancers:
You need to make your own gig basically…

1st- Do Some homework on the similar type of gigs we have in the market.
2nd- Identify your skills and mention those skills and qualities on your account as well as on the gigs.
3rd- write summarized and informative description
4th- Video would be a great idea
5th- Gig images must give the buyer a professional idea of your services
6th- detailed informative gig is valuable
7th- KEYWORD search for your services and keep those on your gigs
8th- Stay online 24/7 ; use apps as well as browses that may help you to be online
9th- Response rate is important, keep it on 1 hours
10th- Promote and share your gigs on Social media
11th- must response to all the relevant buyer requests
12th- Be humble and supportive to your clients
13th- support system is always 24/7 active for us to help us in the best manner.
14th- Finally, your skills, hard work and dedication will be the most important part of your success.

Thank you

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