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Unfortunately this forum is not for exchanging order.

However this is the help I can offer: I had a look at your gigs and most of them offering writing services. However you have a lot of mistakes even just in your profile description which definitely pushing away potential customers. No one wants to order writing gig and fixing mistakes themselves.

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can anyone please tell me why I’m not getting any orders? it’s been 7/8 months I have not got any orders. Please help. This is my account: https://www.fiverr.com/yeakub_yousuf45

I want to know what is the problem with my gigs, why I’m not getting any orders. I send buyer request every day, whichever I think I can do. But I’m not getting any at all, instead my gig impression are getting down. I want to know the trick that can help me get orders. Thanks!

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