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"Out of Office" mode questions from a Newbie


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Hi! I’m Marta 😃 I’m new here, and full of worries already!

So here’s my situation:

I’ve created this account almost a week ago, and Fiverr offered me a Rising Talent badge. The problem is that due to major circumstances, I need to leave my current country this week and I’ll be back in 3 or 4 days. So I plan to activate the “Out of office” mode 4 days before leaving (which is the time I need for completing a long gig).

I’ve been searching and reading about this topic on Fiverr’s Help & Support section and on the forums, but I came up with some “scary” posts, saying that they experienced lower sales or no sales at all after being “Out of office” for several days or months. On the other hand, there were older posts where people were glad about using it, so I’m a bit confused. And none of them said anything in regards to the Rising Talent Badge.

So here are my questions:

-Will the “Rising Talent Badge” be taken away from me because of the “Out of office” mode?
-Is it better to modify my gigs and ask for longer delivery times instead?
-Will the “Out of Office” mode affect my gigs, or that just happens in longer periods of time?
-Since I just started and I just have a client, do I really need to activate that mode? Can’t I just talk to the customer and postpone it?

I’ve contacted customer service already, but no response yet.

And that’s it, thank you if you read the comment completely, and sorry for sharing my newbie Fiverr anxieties!


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