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I received a message from fiver saying that I needed to provide requirements. When I click on the link, it takes me to the home page. I cannot find where my orders are or how to communicate requirements. Every link I click on just takes me to the home page. I am not digging this so far. It should be far more intuitive from a user standpoint. Just sayin.

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Guest only1philc

Appreciate your suggestions but they don’t work. The seller sent these two links:

When I click on one of these links, it takes me to fiverr.com?? I don’t see anything on the page about ‘manager orders’??

I received an email about an hour ago, I click on the green box View and Reply, it takes me to conversation with the seller and the last message says "Please check your orders and submit information in every order 20:56 January 07, 2014

I would very much like to check my orders and submit information but every click on a link of any kind takes me no where about my orders.

On another page, it says the following: Hi, please send pamelawriting the following information to get started:

If you are looking for a GREAT CONTENT for your website .I can write an awesome one for you. The content minimum 500 words. I will provide you 100% Unique,Quality and Original Contents.100% unique and original content. I NEVER copy paste. The content WILL pass Copyscape.

But the only information I see is the above "If you are looking for a GREAT CONTENT…

I have expressed the above facts to Customer Service and all they say is contact the Seller. I have voiced the same to the Seller and don’t believe this her fault.

I understand I need to provide information and I can’t see the information she needs??

This is so confusing and goes on and on with the same thing. I think I need to cancel and hope I will get my $30 I have paid. I will not ever try fiverr again. Last year I ordered several gigs and all went very well. I don’t know has changed? Maybe me? I don’t think so. Feels like I am in a loop and can’t get out for find the way out or the way I need to go.

How do I cancel my order? I am not ready to cancel yet but will be if this keeps going as it has for ?? hours/days?

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This is hard to follow. IF the Seller sent you those exact links, the Seller either just made a silly mistake OR needs to learn a thing or two. As do you.

Any time you see a link that has “users” or “manage_orders” in it, it’s the link as seen from inside while the user is logged in. The link takes you (and me) to Fiverr front page because that is the “missing page” directive.

Follow what @kjblynx said and go to your shopping page. IF that doesn’t work for you, go to the Sellers page;


and click on the CONTACT ME link and send the Seller a message and ask whatever questions you want there.

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Same thing happened to me on my first order when I was unfamiliar with this setup – I kept being rotated back to the first page. I learned to scroll all the way down to near the bottom of the page and you’ll find the connection you need. (At least that solved my problem, and I’m now enjoying Fiver and its fantastic offerings.) Hope it works for you.

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