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I’ve suggested this before, and think fiverr needs this badly.

Their download file system is terrible, when I click on a file to download it takes about 4 seconds to actually start downloading. Way too long.

Implementing a ‘DOWNLOAD ALL’ button would at least speed up the process of getting files from fiverr.

@kywong85 You can do that, although I bet you half the time customers wouldn’t listen or even know how to do that. As a person who’s gigs are all graphic related - I get a lot of files/images sent to me, usually lots at one time - this download all feature would save me sooooooo much time. Seriously I have to click each file one by one, waiting at least 4 seconds each, to let it ‘load’ into my downloads, otherwise it doesn’t even download.

Please fiver developers fix the upload/download file system.

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Guest customvideosite

i would like to add to this,say im buying a t-shirt gig well i like to see a rough draft sure i can see the sellers portfolio but wouldn’t it be better if the seller could provide a rough draft in a ‘window’ which the buyer can click on, popping out so the buyer can inspect? rather than having to provide a file download or the seller having to buy a basic gig then asking for revisions does this make sense?

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