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Uploading files from buyers


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I have had a few emails from a couple of buyers who want me to look at their attached files, but do not explain whatis in them? I’m not sure about doing that? I just bought a new computer as my other got infected with viruses and I’m a bit cautious regarding this? They are not specific, such as the last one who msgd me. His message was


Please check my link for details job

(he put in the file).

Waiting your response!

He had sent it regarding my gig on sending guide on budgeting and saving money. So, I’m not exactly sure what as they did not explain it more specifically?

And I had one before that asked me to download her file. I had asked her three times to please explain what was in it, and each time she emailed me back, completing evading the question, but just telling me how to download her file?

I don’t mean to become paranoid and I want to help people find solutions to their issues on here, but I have also spent a lot on my computer. I know how easily they can messed up, over sites, emails and certain files? Am I being silly though, should I download the files? I’m new to fiverr, so I don’t want to overact. Thanks

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