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I have a general query and got 2 different replies from fiverr support. SO thought better ask here

When you deliver order then many a times Buyer request revision after 2 days when they receive email from fiverr about order auto-completion. But when buyer requests revision, Order status starts showing “LATE” as you are already 2 days past the delivery date.

I saw someone posted here on forum that “The seller is not timed when delivering the revisions”

My Question is that If first delivery is “On time” and buyer requests revision very late. Should we extend the delivery date or like I mentioned above “The seller is not timed when delivering the revisions”??

Fiverr support gave me 02 answers. Once they said Yes and second time they said NO.

Please reply based on your experience.


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In my experience, as long as your initial delivery is on time, you’re fine.

There are suspicions and theories going around that it can affect your ranking somewhat but no proof so far from what I’ve seen.

Also, Customer Support can and will occasionally misunderstand the question you’re asking them or copy/paste random stuff you haven’t even asked about.

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