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Finally I've been approached by a Hacker!

Guest dilshands

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Guest dilshands

Over the last few days, I saw many posts on the Forum about hackers trying to obtain fiverr accounts by sending a link to verify the location. Well, few hours ago I have been approached by a similar hacker from India. His initial offer sounded more good to be a fair one. Initially asked whether I can handle 10 orders a day, everyday. It’s a promising request for many sellers but for me, as a provider of homework help, this is too much. Most of you may agree with me if I say going through 10 assignments a day, everyday is a very cumbersome process. So, my response will obviously be “No, thanks! That’s too much”.

Since I’ve been active on the Forum I knew he was trying to hack my account. So instead of rejecting his offer I decided to play a little with him! 😛 There were some interesting things I noticed during our conversation like

  1. The hacker wanted me to contact him through gmail which is against Fiverr TOS. The reason being he wanted to send me some copyrighted stuff. I help people with their studies. What do I have to do with copyrighted stuff?

  2. Used exact sentences on my gig description (copy/paste) and told me he is interested in those.

    Then after some negotiation he wanted to verify my location through clicking a link which he said he’ll send me to my mobile number. He said he wanted to verify it because we were about to have a large amount of transactions. That sounds funny actually even if you are not aware of such a scam.

    I know this has been discussed in the Forum many times! Just posting this because there may be people who are new and unaware of such scams. There was no risk for me because I was updated frequently by my consistent presence in the Forum. All there is an innocent pride for making a Fiverr account to get the attention of the Hackers in just over 2 months, thanks for the earlier posts about this topic on the Forum. Good Luck all! Don’t let the thieves deceive you!

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