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There is no one order in this month?


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hi dear!
i hope you are good.
can any one please tell how can i get a new project on my gig. i have 25 reviews on my account but this month i couldn’t get any order.
here is my best seller gig…
here are my other gigs please help me if any one can…and please notify my mistakes …

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Hi friend, getting new orders isnt easy we all know that but i can tell you that why the BUYER REQUEST SECTION was created on norms that what i uses i seat down and send PROPOSALS to buyers requesting on Service i can render and i make sure i offer them bonuses to keep them close

also you can promote your gig on different platforms Fiverr gave use that option to Promote and share our gigs.

i pray this works for you ENJOY

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We don’t have to help anyone.

If they want help they should research the thousands of times logo sellers have asked this question. It’s literally at least once every day.

if you say so we are all here to learn and most of them asking such are new and can’t find the previous questions

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