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Delivering Google Sheets Order


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Hi, I’m new to the forum/fiverr and not sure if this is the right place for the question . . .

I have a gig creating Google Sheets (sometimes with forms and scripts). As far as I know, you can’t download/upload a Google file for delivery, so I figured out how to send the buyer a link that prompts them to make their own copy of the spreadsheet in their own account. Works fine for a simple spreadsheet.

Now I have a spreadsheet with an attached form and scripts. I can use the same procedure to deliver the whole bundle EXCEPT the new copy loses certain settings (in this case installable triggers). It’s a complex procedure to ask the buyer to set the triggers on their new copy of the spreadsheet.

If I was working for someone I know, I could simply share the spreadsheet with the buyer, but exchanging google accounts would be a violation of fiverr policy and potentially unsafe, wouldn’t it?

Any suggestions? What am I missing?

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